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Visit our shop in Montreal to discover several models of foam mattresses. In business since 1980, we are known on the South Shore for the quality of our mattresses.

Zippered foam mattress specialists in Montreal

Looking for a comfortable, supportive and easy-to-maintain foam mattress? That's what Matelas Personnel has to offer! Come discover a wide range of foam mattresses in our Montreal shop.

Our mattresses are equipped with a zippered cover to ensure better muscle relaxation thanks to the quality of the foam used. A foam mattress is best for back pain.

In fact, by sleeping on a foam mattress, you will not feel the movements of the person lying next to you

You don't have to turn over your entire mattress, as the zip makes it easy to replace parts of the mattress. This is an additional advantage that allows you to enjoy a mattress that is easy to maintain.

Our foam mattresses with zip fastener ensure comfortable sleeping and easy care


Foam Mattress Montreal
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  • Custom made mattresses
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  • Reversible mattresses
  • Foam mattresses
  • Spring mattresses
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Our Strengths
  • Quality products
  • Use of local raw materials
  • Attractive prices
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  • Montreal
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  • South Shore

Quality foam mattresses made to measure

Sleep is a vital function of our body. We spend an average of 7 hours 40 minutes per night in bed, which is between 25 and 27 years of our lives! This is why Matelas Personnel is committed to providing you with quality foam mattresses.

Single sided or reversible, our foam mattresses are available in a multitude of sizes and at competitive prices. We use only high-density HR foams, which are more supportive and durable. If you have a preference for natural latex mattresses, we also have a wide selection.

You can also order custom-made mattresses from us. We can deliver our products anywhere in Montreal, Laval, Quebec City or other Canadian cities.

Foam mattresses can be delivered anywhere in Montreal


Foam Mattress Laval

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Our quality mattresses are made-to-measure from organic raw materials.

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